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Why Red Cedar Wealth Advisors

At Red Cedar Wealth Advisors, we are dedicated to providing our clients with tailored financial solutions to assist them in reaching their financial goals. We strive to set ourselves apart from the competition by providing value to our clients in the following ways: 

Customer Service

Our customers always come first. From the way we have structured our business, to the way we manage portfolios and the investment philosophy we follow, our approach is designed to ensure that servicing clients is our main focus. We want to assure that we are always meeting or exceeding your expectations.

Our desire is to educate clients, help simplify and organize their financial lives, and create a sense of confidence both for today and the future. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your advisor for the clarification you need. You can always trust us to do the right thing and know that we have your best interests in mind at all times.

Competitive Fees

Competitive Fees

We recognize the importance of being cost effective and we strive to provide competitive fees and services. We have chosen relationships with vendors where we have control over managing expenses to our clients because we recognize that ongoing fees and costs can impact your overall portfolio returns.

Established Managers

We utilize established money managers and investment vehicles. In addition, we provide regular performance reporting on your investments so that you can see where you are financially and make adjustments as necessary.

Advanced Technology

We take pride in utilizing the latest and most advanced technologies in the industry. These tools allow us to analyze trends and advise clients with the most up-to-date information available.

One of the most exciting tools provided to our clients free of charge is E-Money Advisor. This tool is a customized money management software that allows an individual to upload information from nearly all types of accounts, including bank accounts, brokerage accounts, credit cards, investments, loans, etc. in one location. It allows you to set financial goals and track income and expenses by category and chart your progress. This is an incredibly powerful tool that truly sets us apart from the competition.



We have been helping people pursue their financial goals for over three decades. We have worked with hundreds of clients and you can be confident in our ability to provide you with sound financial advice. We are dedicated to an elevated duty of care, prudence, and diligence. We always put the interests of clients first.

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